Collaborating to share knowledge and resources to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in society lies at the heart of the Real Health Matters initiative. The QUT Faculty of Health 2017 series of Real Health Matters engagement activities focuses on building a Real Health Matters virtual network of partners who are intent on creating change in support of community health outcomes.

Real Mental Health Matters

To start this series we invited a group of key thought leaders including Queensland Mental Health Commissioner Dr Lesley Van Schoubroeck, and senior representatives from Government and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) to a workshop to discuss the impact of mental health issues on the more vulnerable in society.

The session was facilitated by the Faculty of Health’s Executive Dean Professor Ross Young and Professor David Kavanagh, director of eMHPrac, the QUT-led, Australian Government-funded e-Mental Health in Practice (eMHPrac). eMHPrac was established in 2014 to promote digital mental health to GPs, psychologists and allied health workers across Australia, and to train and support more than 15,000 practitioners in the use of digital mental health services.

Using the qualitative data gathered through the 2016 pilot Real Health of the Nation survey, the workshop focused on the ways such a virtual collaboration of diverse organisations could create real change around mental health in the community and the way we shape health professionals of the future.

Ideas to action

Here is a summary of some of the ideas raised, which will be taken forward across the next 12-18 months, including a one day student and industry interactive Real Health Innovation Matters event on Friday 18 August, focused on creating solutions to challenges raised at our Real Mental Health Matters workshop.

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