Mel Toh

Mel Toh has never stopped and thought ‘what if’?

Her story is one of motivation, drive and the passion to use her calling to affect the greatest of change – providing hope to some of the most needy communities in the world.

A QUT School of Nursing graduate, Mel has trained in the areas of paediatric emergency nursing and tropical medicine before becoming involved with the Mercy Ships. Today she is a Screening Nurse working on a Surgical Hospital Ship in Africa called Mercy Ships, providing the vital role of visiting communities to gauge people with the greatest needs and bring them on board for often life-saving treatments.

Mel describes what this role means to her:

“It was one day that it all clicked for me. That little known thing in a world of darkness and bad events – I realised I represented the face of hope. And when I knew that, it was the most precious thing I could ever describe.

“To be able to use my training to make such a difference. This is what motivates me; what drives me on every day.

“Real health – in my case it is about providing essential services and provision to those in the most desperate situations. I’m the lucky one.”

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