Real Health.

It matters – to you, to your friends, to your family.

Real health means what you want it to mean – emotional wellbeing, physical strength, being on top of your fitness game or simply being happy.

We all have a tale to tell. This website gives voice to some of the many people who are involved in improving the lives of individuals around Australia – QUT graduates, academics, not-for-profit organisations and people working in the community.

Change the discussion, hear the stories

Real Health, Real Stories

Out of challenge came triumph

The art of Paul Kavanagh

I was expecting a baby, not a stroke

Alana Hitchcock

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Do you have a real health story to tell or a message about real health you wish to share in words or pictures? This is your website, and we would like to hear your story.

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Health Faculty News

#QUT #Health welcomes @QldGov's proposal to establish an independent stat authority for health promotion, prevention of chronic disease and reducing inequity across QLD communities. View QUT's submission: #RealHealthMatters @qldhealthnews @QUT @QUTmedia

#QUT #Health's Executive Dean Prof @RossMcDYoung has today spoken at the public hearing of the Health & Wellbeing Queensland Bill 2019. QUT's submission can be viewed here: #RealHealthMatters @qldhealthnews @QUT @QUTmedia @qut_ihbi @QUT_Nursing @QUTphsw

#QUT is a proud academic partner of #WSFB2019, and QUT's @CreativeIndust Faculty is leading QUT's participation. Don't miss our Street Science! booth and @qutscieng, @qutthecube, @IFE_QUT, @RealHealthM, @qut_ihbi and @qutdmrc speakers. #science

She is a global pioneer in salivary diagnostics leading a world-class saliva research laboratory. #QUT @RealHealthM Assoc Prof Chamindie Punyadeera will be part of the #WSFB2019's discussion 'Celebrating Queensland invention'. @WSFBrisbane

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