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Real health means what you want it to mean – emotional wellbeing, physical strength, being on top of your fitness game or simply being happy.

We all have a tale to tell. This website gives voice to some of the many people who are involved in improving the lives of individuals around Australia – QUT graduates, academics, not-for-profit organisations and people working in the community.

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Real Health, Real Stories

Out of challenge came triumph

The art of Paul Kavanagh

I was expecting a baby, not a stroke

Alana Hitchcock

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Health Faculty News

How is Australia tracking in efforts to tackle #ClimateChange impacts on #health? Update of @theMJA @LancetCountdown report today from #QUT’s @hilarybambrick and #research collaborators @RealHealthM @qut_ihbi @TheLancet:

Results from mobile phone camera trials in NSW are 'spectacular and concerning', @QUT @CARRS_Q researcher Ian Faulks has told ABC @RadioNational.

Over 100,000 drivers were found to be using their phones while behind the wheel in just a 3 month period!

Take time to be kind!💙#WorldKindnessDay #BeKind #KindnessDay

@QUTSciEng @QUTBusiness @CreativeIndust @QUTEducation @RealHealthM @qutlaw @IFE_QUT @qut_ihbi

Professor Lisa Nissen, Head of the School of Clinical Sciences at @QUT, was recently chosen by the Australian Journal of Pharmacy as one of the 14 "Most Influential People in Pharmacy"!

Be sure you check out @AJPEditor's interview with Lisa (@nissen_l):

Congrats to @QUT's Distinguished Professor Judith Clements (@qut_ihbi and School of Biomedical Sciences) on being a finalist in the Queensland @ausoftheyear awards!

Judith was nominated for her contributions to #cancer research, and bringing hope to those battling the disease.

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